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Moving to South Africa may seem an unusual or exotic destination, but South Africa is fast becoming the gateway to Africa and thus attracting international growth and investment on a scale not seen before.

We know that relocating to any foreign destination can be a traumatic experience. However, by taking advantage of our nearly 40 years combined experience of living and working in South Africa, we at xPatria firmly believe that we can make your transition as smooth and happy as possible. We can assist with all the basics such as housing, schools, banks, cell phones, domestic staff and lifestyle, but also the intricacies of security and full orientation services to your new city.

To further assist our clients, we have developed Instant Jo'burg, our proprietary orientation guide for jumpstarting your life in Jo'burg including, shopping, restaurants, service providers, travel, family activities, sports, health care and many other aspects of getting familiar with your new city. This product is in book form and maintained dynamically here on the xPatria website.

Click here if you would like more information on xPatria's relocation services or have a specific query.

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