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Immigration to South Africa can be a frustrating experience if you don't have the right guide. 

We offer a full range of services that will provide you with the appropriate documentation, processes and advice to allow you the smoothest path through the maze that any international relocation or assignment can so easily become. We have nearly two decades of successful experience in this field. And while no one can guarantee the successful outcome of this process, we can assure you of our best attention and endeavours to obtain a favourable outcome. Integrity to the Immigration Act of South Africa is tantamount to the success of any application, and we are in a unique position to devote specific attention to your needs and requirements.

As an emerging democracy - and balancing the injustices of the past - South Africa is constantly changing and updating laws as we move to a stronger democracy and a Constitution that is fair to all. As in all newly elected governments, national procedures and standards change. This is no different with the South African Department of Home Affairs. Your application for residency (permanent or temporary) can be an exercise of confusion and in some instances, not perfect match to your individual situation.

By keeping up to date on all internal structures and changes to this legislation, we are able to establish which category of residence permit accommodates your situation. Further, we help to ensure that you and your company still fully comply with the law, while at the same time assisting your company to achieve goals and objectives regarding relocation and skills transfer are met.

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